Frontenac Anesthesia


Seeking experienced and specialized CRNAs

Frontenac Anesthesia Group stands as the nexus where healthcare facilities secure unparalleled staffing solutions, and CRNAs and anesthesiologists find a home for their thriving careers. A leading provider in anesthesia staffing, Frontenac is the trusted choice for medical facilities seeking experienced and specialized CRNAs to elevate patient care. Simultaneously, it serves as the ideal haven for CRNAs and anesthesiologists desiring a dynamic work environment, competitive compensation, and a supportive community. At Frontenac, we bridge the gap between exceptional healthcare staffing and fostering the professional growth of our esteemed CRNAs and anesthesiologists, redefining excellence in anesthesia services and careers.

Why Medical Groups Are Choosing Frontenac Anesthesia for Their Staffing Needs:

Experienced CRNAs: Join a team where expertise matters. Our CRNAs average over 8 years of invaluable experience, ensuring a rich professional environment.

Comprehensive Placement Services: Frontenac offers diverse placement options, including short-term, long-term, and permanent opportunities. We understand the importance of flexibility in your career.

Innovative Methodology (F.A.M.): Be part of a team that prioritizes safety. Our Frontenac Anesthesia Methodology (F.A.M.) ensures a track record of zero issues for patients, setting new standards in anesthesia excellence.

Guided by Expert Leadership: Our owner, a CRNA with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice and over 15 years of experience, leads the way, ensuring every step we take is a step toward excellence.

Why You Should Join Frontenac: 

  • Tailored Solutions:Enjoy personalized placements that fit your schedule and career goals.
  • Competitive Compensation: Frontenac offers competitive hourly rates, recognizing and rewarding your skills and dedication.
  • Paid Malpractice: Your peace of mind matters. We provide paid malpractice insurance for added security.
  • Tax Benefits: Frontenac understands the importance of financial well-being. Benefit from hundreds of tax advantages through our 1099 work opportunities.
  • Private Online Communication Group: Join our exclusive online community to discuss, learn, and share insights. Enhance your professional growth in a collaborative and enriching space.

Join Frontenac Anesthesia Group — where your skills, experience, and passion for patient care find their home. Explore exciting opportunities and elevate your anesthesia career with us. Contact us today to take the next step toward a fulfilling and rewarding professional journey. Contact us today to get started.