Frontenac Anesthesia


What You Need To Know Before Your Surgery

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Guide For Safety

Your safety is our paramount concern. Frontenac Anesthesia stands as your vigilant guardian, ensuring that every step of your anesthesia experience is crafted with the utmost precision, care, and dedication to your well-being.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. You are scheduled for a procedure in the next few weeks. A nurse anesthetist from Frontenac Anesthesia will be providing you with anesthesia services for your procedure. We take patient care very seriously and strive to provide the safest, optimal experience.

Our team will be available for any questions. Note: If your BMI is over 45 you will be required a pre-anesthesia consultation from one of our CRNAs.

A fee will be collected prior to your procedure and will be applied to the coinsurance/deductible and balance bill of the anesthesia claim submitted to your insurance. This will be your only responsibility for anesthesia services.

If you have any questions regarding the anesthesia services, please reach out to our patient liaison at (314) 820-9030.

Follow These Important Steps

  • DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS CONTAINING ASPIRIN, VITAMIN E, FISH OILS OR HERBS for at least seven (7) days prior to the procedure. If you have taken any of these, please inform your doctor.
  • A RESPONSIBLE ADULT MUST accompany you to the facility and be available to both drive you home and stay with you through the night.
  • YOU MAY NOT TAKE A TAXI OR ANY FORM OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT home by yourself -you may do so only if you have a responsible adult with you.
  • DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING including water, hard candy, chewing gum, breath mints, or chewing tobacco after midnight the night before your surgery, unless otherwise directed. NO SMOKING the morning of your procedure.
  • LEAVE ALL YOUR VALUABLES AT HOME OR WITH YOUR FAMILY, including wallets, money, jewelry, laptops, and watches.
  • IT IS OKAY TO SHOWER AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH the morning of your surgery.

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