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Client Testimonials

Frontenac Anesthesia is fantastic! Amy Wellen provides outstanding care and works meticulously with very experienced and capable CRNAs. She is readily available and her staff goes above and beyond to care for patients. Frontenac Anesthesia is my first choice and I highly recommend them. Dr. David Sylvester II, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon,
As a surgeon I hire CRNAs from Frontenac Anesthesia, and the critical factor is SAFETY! I'm on the advisor board of the company so I know first hand the level of scrutiny that the staff goes through is excellent. Their staff is not flown in from other locations with the bare essentials necessary to do the job. With these out-of-town companies who provide just anyone are often people with little experience and some have been fired from their local medical community which means that they can only get jobs out of town. I know I want the best for my patients, family, and the community which means I trust Frontenac Anesthesia team. Dr. Wellen, Surgeon,
I was a patient twice and both times were lovely. The Frontenac Anesthesia team reassured me regarding my situation. When I work up from the procedure there were absolutely no side effects. 100% recommend them! Jess S., Patient,
Amy and Frontenac Anesthesia is extremely caring and knowledgeable especially in the fertility filed. All the patients love her and her staff. We would 100% recommend and use Frontenac Anesthesia again. Amanda, Lead IVF Coordinator , Kindbody
Working for Amy Wellen at Frontenac Anesthesia is wonderful. We have a safe environment and great communication with the doctors and nursing staff. I have been working there for 2 years now and it has been great working there. Becky V, CRNA,
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