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Dr. Jason Wellen

Dr. Jason Wellen

Medical Director

Meet Our Medical Director: Dr. Jason R. Wellen, MD, MBA

Dr. Jason R. Wellen, an esteemed physician with expertise in Transplant Surgery, leads our clinical team.

About Dr. Jason R. Wellen:

Dr. Wellen, an Associate Professor in the Division of General Surgery, specializes in kidney, liver, and pancreatic transplantation. Board-certified in Surgery, he earned his Medical Degree in 2002 and completed a Fellowship in Abdominal Transplant Surgery in 2009.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As Medical Director, Dr. Wellen guides our team, offering a unique perspective from his background in Transplant Surgery, ensuring comprehensive support for patients undergoing transplantation procedures.

Why Dr. Wellen Matters:

Client Assurance:

Clients benefit from the oversight of a specialist in Transplant Surgery, assuring exceptional anesthesia care.

Patient-Centric Focus:

Dr. Wellen enhances our patient-centric approach, providing specialized care for those undergoing transplantation procedures.

Team Empowerment:

Dr. Wellen's leadership empowers our CRNAs and anesthesiologists, ensuring cohesive and expertly managed teams.

Choose Frontenac Anesthesia for excellence led by Dr. Jason R. Wellen, combining extensive surgical expertise with a commitment to outstanding anesthesia services.

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