Frontenac Anesthesia


Lisa Scrum

Lisa Scrum

Office Administrator

Meet Lisa Scrum: Administrative Specialist at Frontenac Anesthesia

Lisa Scrum is a vital member of the Frontenac Anesthesia team, bringing a wealth of expertise to her role as an Administrative Specialist. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to efficiency, Lisa plays a crucial role in managing files and administrative tasks. 

As a team player, Lisa seamlessly collaborates with colleagues to ensure the smooth operation of our services. Her dedication to safety and reliability is reflected in her meticulous approach to handling crucial documentation, contributing to the overall security and consistency of our anesthesia operations.

Lisa's work extends beyond the office walls; she is an integral part of Frontenac's commitment to community health. Through her administrative prowess, Lisa plays a key role in supporting our local presence and fostering a sense of community within the team. Her efforts contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of our anesthesia services, making Lisa an essential asset to Frontenac Anesthesia and a valued member of our dedicated team.

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