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Samantha Katzman

Samantha Katzman

Fractional CMO

Meet Patricia Hughes

Patricia Hughes, with a robust career spanning over three decades in marketing and communications, holds the pivotal role of Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at Frontenac Anesthesia. With an impressive track record of strategic marketing initiatives and public relations campaigns, Patricia is instrumental in steering our company's growth trajectory.

Patricia's wealth of experience is not only a testament to her professional acumen but also positions her as a guiding force in effectively communicating Frontenac Anesthesia's commitment to safety and community welfare. Her strategic insights contribute significantly to our efforts in not just expanding our company's presence but also fostering a deep understanding within the public regarding how our services directly benefit the overall health of the community. Patricia's role extends beyond marketing; it embodies Frontenac Anesthesia's dedication to transparency, community engagement, and the shared responsibility we have toward ensuring the well-being of those we serve.

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